Energy Flow

Energy; many people do not fully understand how important energy flow is in our everyday life. gives the meaning of energy as “the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.” Some spiritual publications define it as the soul. I have been studying religions for over thirty years and I want to tell you what I … More Energy Flow


I want to take a moment to discuss acceptance of others and judging.  Most of us the United States were brought up being told that you should not judge others it is wrong.  But at the same time our churches preach that if a person does not believe exactly as you believe then they are … More Acceptance

Losing Control

I must have missed something in the playbook of life that said when I became single or divorced that some of my children get to tell me what to do.  I don’t think so!  No one pays my bills but ME.  Nobody makes sure that I have food in my frig or clothes on my … More Losing Control