I want to talk about judgement today.  I am amazed how churches of today can seriously call themselves Christians and still do the things they do.  First off, not everyone is welcome in their house of the lord.  If a young person walked into their church wearing torn jeans with piercings all about, they would … More Judging


In case you have not figured it out yet, I do not believe the way most in society believe about God and religion.  I was very fortunate to have a mother that never enforced her beliefs on us as children.  She did tell me one thing that was very surprising to me and that is … More Today

Figuring Out Your Joy

I have been on this path for many years but just recently changed directions.  By this I mean that for years I have felt a desire and pulling me to do more with my inner spirituality; finding my path in life.  I was married to a wonderful man for thirty three (33) years but one … More Figuring Out Your Joy

Hurricane Aftermath

We on the East Coast were plowed by Hurricane Mathew this past weekend and some this week.  Most people lost power but many others lost roofs, cars, homes but, thank God only a few lost their life.  But even a few is too many when it comes to human life. Today I want to ask … More Hurricane Aftermath


Living on earth during these times is very hectic, stressful and all the other adjectives you want to add and most people do not know how to respond to the everyday issues.  Throughout all my studies and research regarding God and religion I found that we as humans were taught to seek the approval of others, … More Navigation


Morals are what defines our characters in life and how we respond to everyday living.  They are our standard operating procedures, our moral compass. Each of us are raised to think and believe a certain way by our parents about many things in life such as; right and wrong, religion, education, debt, family, generosity, happiness, … More Morals


Every person in the world is an individual with their belief system.  Our belief systems are first started by our parents or the way we were raised.  I was very lucky because my mother did not impose her beliefs about religion on us so as we grew up we were allow to choose our own … More Beliefs


There are so many people in the world today that do not like change, but change is the energy that excites and moves us out of our comfort zone to new and exciting things.  My change began in 2014 when my marriage of 32 years was failing so I left to stir things up and … More Change

Soul Connections

My morning ritual is to have a cup of hot tea while I am solving the daily spider solitaire game.  Once I have completed that I move to my books and read a few chapters to inspire me on what I want to share.  This morning I was inspired to bring you all the fact … More Soul Connections