As most of you know I am working all the jobs I can since I moved to Myrtle Beach.  I started working for Instacart about a month ago.  At first, I thought this is not for me but I stuck with it and it began to show value.  Last week I earned over $300 shopping … More Instacart

Lyft Pros and Cons

I started driving for Lyft in September of last year.  I actually drove for Lyft first before deciding to add Uber.  I really enjoy driving for Lyft but they are not putting enough into updating their app to make it easier for drivers to make a living.  However, they are trying. First off, Lyft does … More Lyft Pros and Cons

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope all of you and yours have a wonderful fun and love filled day. Remember to tell your family how much you love them today and always kiss them before you leave, hug them hello and call often when you are away. You are their everything and they love hearing from … More Merry Christmas

System Check

Have you ever wondered why there are so many contradicting books about religion, God, Jesus, and heaven?  This is one of the things I pray for clarity on all the time.  This morning I think I got a partial answer that will take more meditation and listening for answers but I want to share this … More System Check

American Warriors

Hello everyone, what a great time to be around.  We have so many venues to talk and advertise to others; it is mind-boggling.  I got up and started driving for Lyft and Uber this morning at 5:30 a.m.  I was heading over to the Carolina Forest area, since that is where most of the requests … More American Warriors


We are one week away from Christmas and most people are still frantically looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones.  Everyone during this season wishes they had more money to spend and to have fun with. I am no different.  Right now I am reading the book “The Matrix” by Mike Dooley.  I am … More Christmas

God is Smiling

It has been over a year since my last blog.  Many changes in my life have occurred with the biggest being my move to South Carolina.  I believe my decision to move was brought about by the book I was reading “Course in Miracle, Made Easy” by Alan Cohen. I first bought the original Course … More God is Smiling