Uber Pros and Cons

I started driving for Uber back in September of last year.  I have learned a few things  that I want to share. For those of you wanting to start driving I hope this will help you make a more informed decision on which one to drive for or both as I do.

First, Uber pays more than Lyft but there are issues with Uber that you do not find with Lyft.  The main issue is that if you have trouble and need to call the support line it is oversees and not many fluent English-speaking people will be able to help or understand your needs.  Also, Uber has a lot of app issues.  For example, I drove New Years Eve from 7:20 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.  My first ride request was with Uber while I was still in my driveway.  As soon as I got the request I accepted it and turned off my Lyft app.  When I was done it was about 7:30 and I was pulling out of my driveway on the Navigation app. to my pick-up.  My first ride was less than 3 miles from my house but they were going approximately 14 miles away so this is a good start of my day.  I picked up my passengers (4), which the app does not show how many because most people do not list the number of people so they do not have to pay more.  So we are on our way, about 5 miles into the trip, when I received another ride request waiting at my drop-off location,  I accepted it.  When I dropped the first group off my second fare was waiting and they were going about 20 miles away.  I was on the app the entire time except once we lost connection but it came right back so I continued.

I stayed this busy all night long and finally at the end of my night I noticed the first two rides with Uber had not paid yet but I was tired so I called support first thing in the morning to be told that I was not online, my app was turned off!  Wow, how could that be?  I was driving with the Uber navigation and picking up people who were waiting but support says I was offline and not working until 9:04.  The third time I called support and gave them all the details of the fare I was called a liar and told that I was not online and I would not get paid for those trips.  Imagine how disappointed I was?  Those two trips were about $50 to me for the night.  But to this day Uber has not paid me even though I can tell them where and when each person was picked up.  So that is one con regarding Uber; they have their support oversees. The second issue with Uber is the sign-on bonus for new drivers.  Now it is different for each location but for me it was $1,000.  At no time during the phone conversation did the Uber guy tell me that the bonus is only paid on what you do not earn towards the $1000 in 30 days.  So at the end of my 30 days I gave the amount of rides required to get my bonus but I was told that since I earned over $1,000 in rides I was not entitled because they only pay the difference in the amount you earn and the $1,000, so I got nothing from Uber for my new driver bonus.  So, Uber you have many app issues, which I am dealing with a new one right now.  Since their last update I cannot get the app to sync with my Bluetooth so all navigational directions are read out loud over my phone speaker which is embarrassing.  As a driver you want to make your ride feel comfortable so interesting conversation is the way to start but when you have the navigation sounding over everything you say it is not professional.  I have called support and was advised to delete and reinstall which I did, then I was told to turn it off and back on, no luck there either.  I am hoping that with the next update it will cure itself.  So if you want to drive for Uber do not sign up for the new driver bonus because you get nothing but you can sign up with a link; mine is: pattyb4771UE and then you will receive extra for every ride you give up to approximately 75 rides.  So this way you get something extra where you will not with the sign-on bonus.

So to recap; Uber has many app issues that cause you not to get paid for trips you accept, their sign on bonus does not really pay you anything in the end and their support is oversees.  But, their advertising keeps you busy even if it is for $3-$7 trips most of the time.

Now, I do still drive for Uber because I have grown accustom to a roof over my head and food in my stomach.  I do not have a significant other to help pay the bills so I have to continue everyday.  But, I have gotten smarter in my driving.  I screen shot all fares and make sure that what they say I will earn shows up in the earnings.

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