Lyft Pros and Cons

I started driving for Lyft in September of last year.  I actually drove for Lyft first before deciding to add Uber.  I really enjoy driving for Lyft but they are not putting enough into updating their app to make it easier for drivers to make a living.  However, they are trying.

First off, Lyft does not pay drivers as much as Uber in our location, so most of the locals use Lyft and tourist are the Uber users.  During our peak season Uber is more dominant since mostly tourist are our main fares.  Another thing about Lyft is that their app is not personalized for the location.  By this I mean, we have a big attraction here in Myrtle Beach called “Broadway at the Beach”.  This is an amusement park for adults and children; with the science factors and aquarium for the kids with rides of course and  then you have Margaritaville, Comedy Show, Senior’ Frogs and many other places for adults.  Since this is a big deal here every night there are many passengers needing a ride home.  Now, Uber uses this site as a queue for drivers and the minute you pull in it tells you where you are in the queue; 1-5 drivers ahead of you, etc.  Lyft does not recognize Broadway and if I stay there more than a few minutes it immediately disconnects my internet and tells me to move to another location.  So most rides in there are with Uber but I would like to see Lyft pick this up as well.

Anther good thing about Lyft is that their support is in the US and you speak to people who understand English and can help you.  However, Lyft does not have their contact information on the site or make it easy for you to contact them.  If you need help you have to go through their help topics in the app which is not helpful.  I want to speak to someone and find out why something is happening not try to look it up after my shift or later that evening, I want to know then.

Lyft offers a sign on bonus to new drivers and they pay you immediately upon reaching your goal.  I completed Lyft’s new driver requirements, called them and informed them and within 2 hours it was added to my weekly earnings and deposited with that weeks earnings.  I was very pleased by this and it could not have come at a better time.

So if you are thinking of driving for Lyft sign up for the new driver bonus if they have one in your area because you can count of them to pay you for your time.  If they do not have one you can sign up with my Lyft code: patty85557 and earn extra money for a certain number of rides; dictated by your area.

I am hoping that Lyft will provide the localized app needed for each location so Lyft drivers can be in a queue and count off as Uber provides for Broadway at the Beach.  I also want them to value us more and pay us the .30 cents difference between them and Uber fares.  I love Lyft and recommend to everyone but they do have their little issues but I have never lost money due to app issues or had to talk to people oversees that have no idea what I am saying.  But unfortunately, New Years Eve I was mostly on Uber because not many people know Lyft is available here.

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