As most of you know I am working all the jobs I can since I moved to Myrtle Beach.  I started working for Instacart about a month ago.  At first, I thought this is not for me but I stuck with it and it began to show value.  Last week I earned over $300 shopping for others at Publix, Kroger, Aldi, CVS, Lowes, Etc.  I really enjoy doing this but Instacart is having issues that is causing me earning issues and when you work hard for someone you expect them to pay you for your hard work.

My first issue was that I had a cruise already scheduled when I began working as an instacart shopper.  I was instructed to enter my vacation time into the app and it would not interfere with my early access status upon my return.  WRONG!  I did everything I was instructed to do but upon my return I was removed from early access which caused me not to be able to get any hours for another week.  A week without pay is hard for most people who have a two income household but for me; I am not married so I am the only one that I can depend on to ensure I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

If you are not on duty you cannot speak to a live person so you have to send an email.  I have sent many emails and never once has anyone rectified the issue.  I have been back two-week now without early access and have not gotten half the hours I wanted but I have survived.

Now, earlier this week I was reviewing my status and was very pleased to notice that I had a 100% acceptance rating.  I never refuse one because I need the money, no matter how small.  Earlier this week I drove 57 minutes to the store for an order that only paid me a total of $21.25.  However, last night I was reviewing again and noticed that my acceptance rate is now 66%.  W-T-H?  The app states that I was sent 6 orders but only accepted 4 and did not acknowledge 2.  So sent an email and asked them to please tell me when I supposedly got 2 orders I did not acknowledge.  The first response was thank you for your concern, and then they explained how you get your rating.  I responded with I know all this I want to know when I supposedly did not acknowledge 2 orders.  I sent two more so 4 emails and still have not received an answer.

Another issue with Instacart is that they give you an estimated amount for each order.  I accepted an order without looking at the location and when I was ready to delivery the order I noticed it was taking me 22 miles away and outside my zone.  I called support and was informed that they were going to pay me a total of $47 for this order and they apologized for the inconvenience.  I took the order and then noticed that the order payment was only $44 but I could live with that.  However the next day they adjusted and only paid me $37 stating that the delivery was only 6.6 miles away.  They have lost their minds.  But you have no recourse at all.  I have called and emailed and no one is willing to do what is right.

I absolutely love shopping for others but I expect to get paid when I do an agreed upon service.  But even with all this I would recommend Instacart to anyone looking for part-time or full-time job.  You just have to get smarter and snapshot all your estimates and navigation until you get paid.  This way you have proof!

Happy Shopping and I hope you will use Instacart for all your shopping needs.

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