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Have you ever wondered why there are so many contradicting books about religion, God, Jesus, and heaven?  This is one of the things I pray for clarity on all the time.  This morning I think I got a partial answer that will take more meditation and listening for answers but I want to share this with you.

As I have informed you before I have a thirst for religion; the why, who and how of it.  I have read every  book I could put my hands on for over twenty years.  I myself have gone through changes during this time in my own belief system which most took me by surprise.  So here goes.

It wasn’t until this morning during my talk with my inner spirit to find answers in my own life that it was simplified for me.  It is our own belief system that limits our understanding.  I have said this before but it is important so I want to say it again.  What you believe is all that can be understood by you.  Wow, that sounds complicated but it is not.  If you are raised a Southern Baptist then all the beliefs of that religion are instilled in you from an early age.  Your life revolves around the beliefs that are taught you, how to pray, give thanks, communicate with God and all ways of life including religion.  If you are Catholic you are taught that the Pope and priest can give you forgiveness for your sins and so on.  You beliefs are your foundation to everything in this lifetime!  If you are taught that only Catholics can get into heaven, when you cross over you are going to see a priest or pope to guide you.  If you are Jewish you will be met by a Rabi and so on.  However, if you in this lifetime step back long enough to look at the big picture you might find reason to ask God for help and clarity.

I constantly read new books on the market that discuss how to create a positive and peaceful life.  Lately, my favorite is Course In Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen.  I love this book because it helps me link the lessons to my everyday life.  When I first got the original Course In Miracles, I had a hard time understanding it like the bible.  It is a wonderful guide to our lives and I urge each and every one of you to get it and start awakening your inner spirit.  However, this books teaches us one way and then I just started reading another book called “The Matrix” by Mike Dooley and it contradicts some of what I learned elsewhere so it sent me back to the greatest teacher I know, Jesus Christ to get guidance and clarity.  I prayed and asked Jesus to help me understand why there are so many contradictions on how to accomplish the peaceful, abundant, loving life we all seek here on earth.  This morning I started reading another book, “Life After heaven” by Steven Musick and all the sudden in my forethought was the answer to my question.  Each author can only teach at their level of awareness.  We must have different levels of teachings because we are all on different levels of awareness.  That is why some may contradict others because they are for individuals that are on that level and can awaken to that authors teachings.  As we move through our life and awaken further to the spiritual knowledge that our father, so wants us to learn, we are guided to other books on our level of understanding.  It is steps, baby steps that take us to the next level like college here on earth.  We have to start with the AA and move up the ladder to a Bachelor’s Degree, then Master’s and so on.  Why would it be any different for our spiritual learning.

When I first started researching religion it was to find out why Jesus came to earth and told us what we could and could eat but did not tell us which religion was the correct one.  In my studies I realized that religion is not of God.  Religion was created by man here on earth and has changed with the time and man’s belief of what a church should be and how it should interact with the community it is in.  One thing I know for absolute certainty is that GOD is the only church any of us need.  Of course, getting together with liked minded people to give praise is wonderful and encouraged but not to rule or make rules over other people.  No one on this earth has the right to judge another.  Any church that takes it upon themselves to decide who is a sinner and who is allowed in their church has already sinned themselves.  Thou Shalt Not Judge!

Therefore, when you hear and see others with different beliefs from you, pray for both of you to understand the true meaning and awaken to level of God’s Love that is always with us.  I, like you was taught that punishment from God is coming after we leave this earth and I heard a wonderful story in the book by Alan Cohen.  To shorten the story but not the meaning, a man was asked if he had a child and he replied yes, a son.  Has your son ever done anything you feel is wrong? yes, occasionally he comes home drunk.  Then the next time your son comes home drunk I want you to turn your oven on to the highest level and put his head in there forever.  The man replied NO I cannot do this and when asked why he replied, because he is my son and I love him.  Why then are we taught here on earth that our father the creator of all the love we could ever imagine would ever punish us by sending us to hell fires for eternity?  I do not believe he would and hope you will pray for the true meaning of LOVE.

Nothing real can be threatened

Nothing unreal exists.  

Herein lies the peace of God.

“The Course In Miracles”, Second Edition, preface, pg X.

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