American Warriors

Hello everyone, what a great time to be around.  We have so many venues to talk and advertise to others; it is mind-boggling.  I got up and started driving for Lyft and Uber this morning at 5:30 a.m.  I was heading over to the Carolina Forest area, since that is where most of the requests are in the morning, when I received a request from one of my favorite riders.  No names but I really enjoy talking to this young man, he is smart and hard-working.  I usually drive him 15 minutes away and we talk the entire time.

This morning we were discussing family and what we each had planned for Christmas.  I for one am excited that I will be able to stay put and enjoy family without the drive this year.  My oldest daughter here is hosting dinner so we are going to her house.  Also, she has a birthday the very next day, born on December 26th.  I got her and her husband a separate gift from the kids for Christmas but I have no idea what to get her for her birthday and when I asked she just says she really has no wants and is good.  I know she gets her nails done monthly so I will probably do a gift certificate and she loves to read so Amazon unlimited is always good.  Anyway, back to my story about the rider.  He is such as great young person.  He works two jobs.  I have never heard him talk about family here or even a girl friend so I will have to make sure that he is not spending Christmas at home alone.

No one should be alone during the holidays!  If you know of anyone that is alone, please invite them to spend time with you and yours.  I remember when I was first married, our first Thanksgiving we invited military guys that were away from home to spend it with us.  It was a wonderful day and time to share with them.  These guys are dedicating their time away from everyone and everything they love to help us be safe and free.  The least we can do is make sure they have a good meal and time with family that appreciates what they are doing.

My mother, God rest her soul, was one of the most patriotic people I ever knew.  I have three brothers that served in the military also.  One a Marine and two Army.  I am very disappointed that our Government feels the need to charge these dedicated individuals for their medical and housing.  When we were young all our medical was free while my husband served and when retired all medical was paid for the rest of their lives AS IT SHOULD BE!  But now it is not what it should be.  Our military men and women deserve as much support as possible, both monetary and emotional gratitude.  These wonderful people, so brave that they put their Country and our freedom above all else.  Leave their loved ones and go to a foreign country most of the time to secure our safety.  Unfortunately, some do not make it home to their families.  I see the commercials for the Wounded Warriors and it breaks my heart.  I wish I was rich and could support many, many, many families of Wounded Warriors and I would.  But, since I am not I ask that all of you remember our brave men and women that are not with the ones they love during the holidays because they love our Country and want to keep it safe for you and I.

Take the time to say thank you to them when you see them in uniform.  Also, when I go out to eat if I see military in uniform I ALWAYS pay for their meal.  Everyone should do as much as they financially can which will help these people but our military will still be very short for the sacrifice they are making for us!

God Bless and Keep You Safe!