God is Smiling

It has been over a year since my last blog.  Many changes in my life have occurred with the biggest being my move to South Carolina.  I believe my decision to move was brought about by the book I was reading “Course in Miracle, Made Easy” by Alan Cohen.

I first bought the original Course in Miracles book back in the 80s but like the bible I found it hard to understand in some places.  I loved the book so much I bought the entire CD collection to listen to while in my car.  This book is one that I recommend to everyone that wonders why we are here, who is God, who are we, what is my purpose, etc.  So, long story short I needed some encouragement and bought the aforementioned book in audio form and began to listen again.  This is a very good book, it spells it out clear and simple so we can understand the meaning.

Therefore, after listening to this book I realized that I needed to move on with my life and create change.  I was married for 33 years and after the divorce the only thing it changed was my address.  I was not really moving on with my life.  Not to say I was hanging on to my old marriage because I was not, I was proud of myself for seeking happiness and peace in my life and even more proud that at my age I had the courage to start new.  In June or July my ex-husband bought a house and moved to Florida and in August I moved in the other direction to South Carolina.

I have two grown daughters here with two grandsons and I looked forward to being closer to them for a change.  At first, I was concerned because I had no job and was dependent on my oldest daughter here.  The original agreement was that I would come the South Carolina, get a job, buy a condo, etc.  Not how it worked out!  For those of you that do not know; I went back to school in my 50s (did not even have my AA), to get a degree so I could get a good paying job.  I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with the concentration in HR Management.  My Master’s Degree’s was concentration in Finance.  Well Rounded!  In my mid-to-late 50s, lol,  I graduated Summa Cum Laude.  I was so excited and thought I would have offers flying in but first the divorce then the move.

So, I was in South Carolina living with my daughter, her husband and two boys.  You have not lived at all until you share a bathroom with 2 boys, lol.  But, before I move on I want to tell you how appreciative I am for the love my daughter and her family showed me.  I lived with them for almost three months and not once did my son in-law make me feel unwanted or like he was growing old of me being there.  I thank him for that because I know it was very hard having your mother in-law living with you for that long.

Moving on with the story, I started sending out massive amounts of resumes but only got a few responses.  One was very promising but never panned out.  So instead of sitting at home all day I signed up to be a Lyft and Uber driver.  This helped me learn my way around Myrtle Beach and meet new people along the way.  It was so exciting to me I was up and driving 7 days a week.  I kept putting out new resumes until one day after listening to part of the book I realized that God was telling me something.  I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.  Driving people around, talking to them about beliefs and life in general and sometimes giving them my testimony of faith.

I finally moved into a condo close to the beach which is great!  I have a beautiful view of the golf course.  I want to later find a place that has a water view which to me is heaven, but that will have to come later.

So, I finished the book and know that our thoughts create things and every word we speak creates our future.  I am living the dream!  I go out a few hours in the morning and get people to work, come home eat breakfast take a nap and sometimes go back out if something special is going on.  I don’t have to work 9 to 5 in an office.  I don’t have to call out sick if I do not feel like working; all I have to do is turn off the alarm.  All my wishes have come true and I never realized it until I read this book and actually defined the meaning of “Peace of Mind”.  I do have peace of mind, I am not worried anymore about life and if I will make it because I know that my life is going exactly as it is supposed to and I am center stage acting it out, learning as I go about life and each experience God gives me.

I recently started a new book called “The Matrix” by Mike Dooley and will tell you all about it later.  But for now, I am happy and God is smiling down at me for my recognition of the miracles he has provided me!  Miracles are not far and few between as we have been taught, they happen every second of every day, we just have to be open to see them.  Thank you Lord for all the many blessings you have provided and still provide me everyday!