We are one week away from Christmas and most people are still frantically looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones.  Everyone during this season wishes they had more money to spend and to have fun with. I am no different.  Right now I am reading the book “The Matrix” by Mike Dooley.  I am enjoying it most because it gets you involved in defining and finding your happiness.  The key here is YOUR happiness which the Course in Miracles agreed that everyone has a different meaning for happiness and that is why no one else can be responsible for your happiness.

Mike tells you how to create your happiness and how to get out there so the universe can find you and have many opportunities to make your dreams come true.  This is something that I had missed in Course of Miracles Made Easy, because I understood the book to say that whatever is meant to happen is going to happen and you really do not have a lot of choice about it.  With the Matrix he explains that you are the creator of your life’s future but you have to get out there and be doing something not waiting for it to come slap you in the face while you are sitting on the couch watching T.V.

I like the way he compares our life to a vehicles navigation system.  When we want to go somewhere we first have to decide where we are going, turn on the car and then program the navigation system.  Then the navigation system tells us how to get there the fastest and best way.  Therefore, you must first decide what defines your happiness, see the end result of how your life will be after it is accomplished.  But for our navigation system we cannot attached to the how it is going to happen or we limit our chances of our dreams coming to us.  We only need to visualize our happiness once it is achieved and how it will make us feel, then start our engines and move towards that destination.  For me happiness is what Mike defines as the fantastic five: Livelihood, abundance, health, Relationships and Appearance.  1.  I want a meaningful job in my life that gives me purpose.  2. I want to have enough money to pay off my student loans and credit cards, buy a condo of my dreams, travel, help others and my family.  3. I want to live a long healthy life.  4. I would like to find the perfect match for me, tall-built-handsome man that makes me laugh and loves me more than anything in the world.  5. I want to lose weight and feel sexy again and desired.  What more could anyone want?  LMAO

The main point is that you cannot define your dreams with limits such as I want to find Mr. Right by New Years Eve to kiss at midnight, or get my first million by December 31, 2019.  The universe does not work that way but she does work very hard to bring you all your dreams if you know how to ask.  Put your dreams out there but without limits and watch how fast your dreams come true.  Be ready to be amazed because everything on this earth is here to help you accomplish your dreams in life all you have to do is ask and be ready to recognize and receive them.

I have a vision board that I look at everyday and get excited with the Northern Lights on it; representing me traveling, lots of money in a pile, friends, restaurants because I love eating out, I cooked most of my life for all the kids as they were growing up now all I want is for someone to cook for me.  Maybe my perfect man will cook?

So, it is Christmas time and I wanted to remind you that while you are shopping for the perfect gifts for everyone else, don’t forget to put your wish out there to the universe so your gifts can come also.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday with loved ones.

Merry Christmas everyone!