I want to talk about judgement today.  I am amazed how churches of today can seriously call themselves Christians and still do the things they do.  First off, not everyone is welcome in their house of the lord.  If a young person walked into their church wearing torn jeans with piercings all about, they would get the most unwelcoming stares and the whispering would begin.  I would venture to say that if they were not stopped at the door and told they could not enter dressed that way, they would be asked to leave before the end of the service.  No one on this earth has a right to judge another human being.  Get the meaning…human being?  Not God, Not Jesus Christ, just another plain human being living out their life on this earth.  No Paster, Reverend, or Pope has the right to judge another person.

Let’s look into the ways that the church decides what they believe.  First, the King James bible is the most used in the United States and every church interprets that bible differently to back up whatever belief the Paster, Reverend or Pope want to encourage their members to believe.  If the churches can all interpret the bible for different meanings then so can we.

I have always had an insatiable appetite for religion and I have read everything I could get my hands on for over twenty years.  I have never believed what all the churches preach because I cannot imagine God, the creator of all and us, would ever turn anyone away that wanted to come into his house and praise him.  I further cannot believe that we need another human being to tell us what is meant by the versus in the bible.  I have the ability to read and comprehend the bible myself and I am sure most of you can also.  With all the studies and research that I have done over the past years I have not found one thing that said we cannot dance or we cannot eat certain things, or some of us are sinners.  Here we go again!

If you take the time to examine another person to be able to define them as a sinner you have judged them and you have no right!  We are all equal here on the plane called earth.  We came here to experience and learn not cause wars, be angry and create all these horrific movies.  We are here to learn to love one another and help each other.  You know, most people on earth do not know the true meaning of Karma or they do not believe in it at all but it does exist and it will bite you in the ass if you do not understand it.  If you judge another by thinking they are unworthy, poor, nasty, don’t look right or not your type of person, you are putting out all those ugly thoughts that are the same thoughts that are coming back to you.  When it does you are going to wonder where did this come from, I am not like that, I am a good and kind person.  Well Karma is what happened, you put out ugly and got ugly back.  The energy you put out whether loving or unkind will come back to you the same as put out.  The hypocrites that claim to be good people but do not want their son or daughter dating that black, white, asian or any other defining label you want to place on it, is taking the time to judge another whether they mean to or not.  WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL!  The color of our skins is not the deciding factor, it is our hearts!!!!

You see two gay people walking down the street holding hands and you frown and turn your children’s head away because you don’t want them to see the sinners.  You have judge them!  Do you think that GOD makes mistakes?  Or maybe you are one of those people that believe that they chose to be this way or no maybe they are insane and need mental help.  Please stop it!

We create our own life and our beliefs are the energy that constantly creates our reality.  I believe we choose to come here on earth, we choose our family to come into in order to get the experiences we want in this lifetime to help our soul grow closer to God.  I believe in reincarnation and each time you do stupid things and do not accomplish what you agreed to in this life you come back again and again until you get it right.

Love is the only way that we can save this world, people.  Stop judging everyone and thinking you are better, you are NOT.  Stop working so hard and spend time with your loved ones that is what is important.  You don’t have to be rich, just live a good life.

One more thing before I go, remember in the beginning of this I said what you put our you get back.  Think about that for minute because if you do you will realize that the only things in life that you truly get to keep is what you give another.  Did I blow you mind with that one.  Well, if you give money to help another you will it back and I believe in more abundance than you gave.  If you give love to others …guess what?  You will get it back multiplied.  Stop letting others tell you what to believe about God or Jesus Christ.  Get down on your knees and talk directly to them.  I promise they will answer any sincere questions.  LOL, of course if you have artificial knees like me you can sit or lay in bed as I do.  But, you can never pray to much for others or yourself and you can never be thankful enough for all the blessings you have.

Please think about the thoughts that go through your mind every moment and stop the ones that are judging other.  Tell yourself that you are not going to judge that person and redirect your thoughts to something kind.  Before you know it you will not even thing judgmental thoughts and life will be a joyful pleasure.