In case you have not figured it out yet, I do not believe the way most in society believe about God and religion.  I was very fortunate to have a mother that never enforced her beliefs on us as children.  She did tell me one thing that was very surprising to me and that is that she believed when you are dead, your DEAD! There is no more.  I was astonished as those words even as a child because somewhere in me I knew different.  I was not sure how or when it worked but I knew there was something else.

I used to have dreams of people staring down at me from my ceiling over the bed; large faces coming through the ceiling, it was very terrifying to me as a child.  As I grew I began to understand that those faces were my guides or guardian angels if you want.  All through life I thought I was cursed because I did not realize it was the opposite and I was blessed.  I starting figuring things out in my early adult years but never as much as I have today.

We are all taught from a young age that we must plan out our future.  Figure out what you want in life and make a plan as to how you are going to get it.  We are taught to budget and make sure you do not over spend or over indulge.  However, that is not the right way that we as beings of God are supposed to live.  We are suppose to live from our hearts.  By this I mean, don’t sit and plan in your head what you need to do to accomplish what you want.  Get up, thank God for all you have and get out of the house and see what God planned for you today.  Living from the heart is trusting your instincts that if it does not feel right, don’t do it.

Make yourself happy today.  Just today do whatever you want that brings you happiness and don’t worry about tomorrow.  REAL trust is knowing that you only have to live for today and trusting that God will bring to you what you need for tomorrow.  TODAY! this is what it is all about, not tomorrow, next week or next year.  Just today!

Don’t allow anyone else to make plans for you, they don’t have the advantage of feeling your heart and knowing what you want.

For those of you that never read my post about losing my job and 33 year marriage, I was thrown for a loop.  I was terrified (fear) that I would not be able to keep my home that I had just purchased.  I was unemployed and afraid (Fear) that no one would hire me because I am almost 60 years old.  Everyday that I worried about these things and I was bringing the fear closer.  Fear is not something you should be afraid of it is a directional signal that, HERE, RIGHT HERE is where you need to trust that I AM.  Fear shows you where you undervalue yourself (P. Kribbe 2014).

I got a job but it is literally half of what I was making and I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet.  All the budgeting I did told me that I was going to be approximately $580 short every month.  I was truly fretting over all of this.  However, I began to read a few a my books that I enjoy and one of the paragraphs explained about fear and how we should welcome it because it is a guide to show us where we need to work on our inner self, where we need more confidence in our abilities and soul’s guidance.

Everyday I went to work and told myself that I had to get a better paying job so I can just survive.  I had to get a better job so others can see I am smart and capable of overcoming my tragedies in life.  I had a prestigious job and now I am working in a job that only requires a high school diploma.  I have a Master’s Degree, I have to get a better job so people know I am successful and capable of taking care of myself.  Everyday I bombarded myself with questions such as…why haven’t you got a better job yet?  My answer to myself was because you are overweight and no one wants to hire old fat people.  I told myself that I had to lose weight to accomplish my goal of getting a better job but that is not so.  I was only pulling my fear even closer, that was trying to telling me to STOP! Stop doubting your abilities, and start having faith in yourself and know that whatever you need will come.

I finally realized one day that I quit worrying and accepted where I was and it was alright.  I had my home, a job, food in the fridge and I was doing fine.  So then I started to meditate on what I read about fear and realized that the day I gave up trying to force my life in a direction that I thought it should go, my life began moving in a direction of happiness, contentment, satisfaction.  Yesterday I got up and said I am taking myself to breakfast and headed out.  On the way there I saw a few  yard sales and bought a few things I liked.  When I sat down to eat my breakfast I reflected on the fact that I am very happy with my life.  I actually went out to eat and yard selling and it doesn’t get much better than that.  I have learned to stop thinking from my head and worrying about things and living for today.  I am only going to do what I want today that brings me joy and happiness.

The art here is for you to concentrate fully on your heart, on your true passion and intuition, and to have faith that in doing so, you are attracting what is needed in your life. This morning the one thing that stuck with me is this. “Let the magic of life do its work-TRUST!” (P. Kribbe 2014).