Hurricane Aftermath

We on the East Coast were plowed by Hurricane Mathew this past weekend and some this week.  Most people lost power but many others lost roofs, cars, homes but, thank God only a few lost their life.  But even a few is too many when it comes to human life.

Today I want to ask everyone that gets the opportunity to read this blog to first be thankful for your blessings but second remember those that are still hurting right now even though the hurricane is gone.  Please take just a moment to visualize those suffering and send them warm healing energy from your heart.  Help them feel the love from all around the world today and know that they are not alone in this personal crisis.  When one person hurts it is our responsibility to ensure that a person feels loved and valued and their issues are worked on by the community.

With this being said, I just received a call letting me know that many people got together to help the families that still have not had their power restored and is offering hot meals for all those that need it.  First Responders, Georgia Power workers and all families without power; that is wonderful!  However, the Health Department showed up and told the people that they cannot do this and for their loving kindness and hard work they were told they could not help in this manner.  What is wrong with this story?  Where is the love for our families in need?  Has the red-tape completely covered our humanity?

I refuse to stop helping in the manner that I can just because others do not like my way of doing things.  Don’t let things like this discourage you, continue to offer your loving hand when needed and know that you are doing what is supposed to be done for your brothers, sisters, neighbors, community, etc.  SHOW THE LOVE PEOPLE!