Living on earth during these times is very hectic, stressful and all the other adjectives you want to add and most people do not know how to respond to the everyday issues.  Throughout all my studies and research regarding God and religion I found that we as humans were taught to seek the approval of others, to conform to society and follow others and you will do well in life.  Well I am here to tell you that this is wrong.  I am sure that most of you have heard the phrase “God made you and gave you everything needed to survive in this life”?  This is very true.

God gave us a navigational system that no one can take away; our gut, our soul, the Chakra System that keeps us balanced.  One complements the other and guides us through life.   Not with conforming to the norm but going within and seeking guidance from our soul; our God factor.  However, we as humans were also taught no to listen to that inner voice because that means you are mad or delusional.

Everything you need to get you through life is on the inside NOT the outside.  You do not need approval from any other human being; they have no more right to judge you or give you approval of your life and actions than you do them.  Going within is your life line.  To take hold of that life line you must think about one thing.  We are taught to pray to God for all manners of things; healing, saving our souls, guidance and thanking him for our many blessings.  However, we in the Western world were never taught how to listen to his response and if people talk to others about God speaking to them personally they are judged mental or completely insane.  Why?  Because in our society we do not believe anyone is worthy of hearing the voice of God or receiving Devine guidance.

I want to tell you that this form of thinking is wrong and has hindered us in the Western world for over 2000 years.  If you consider the fact that when you pray you are talking to God, why would you not want to know how to hear him respond?  Now I want to tell you how to listen to God.  Through meditation when you have blocked out the noises of the world and all the things that are bothering you, this is where you will hear your inner guidance; your soul, your gut if you will, help you through this life.  It is very important to take time to listen for the answers you seek.  “Seek and you shall find”, this was not just a hallow statement, it was meant to guide us inward to our navigational system.  Our bodies were equipped with the most intricate forms of guidance.  Our society is all for listening to our bodies regarding eating and knowing if you are hungry.  Or when we feel pain we are told that this is our body sending us signals that something is wrong.  So why not listen to our entire body?  Wasn’t it created by the most magnificent engineer ever; the one we call God!

Everything you need to get you through this life and all the answers to all your questions can be found inside, not outside.  Make time every day for you by meditating and learning what you need to know right now and how you can find your inner peace.  Even if you do not need answers to immediate questions just take time to nurture yourself, shut off the mind and everything around you and just rejoin your soul for a little while.  You will soon realize that you crave this inner quiet and solitude and during this time whether you need it or not you may hear answers to life’s journey and your individual path.

For beginners that have never meditated I would like to advise you to go online and review the Chakra System because this is the beginning of your journey inward and finding yourself.  In doing so you will need to clean out some of the old baggage you kept stored inside but no longer need to make room for the real you, the beautiful you, the happy, joyful, rich and peaceful you.

Happy hunting.  I hope all your paths lead you home.

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