Every person in the world is an individual with their belief system.  Our belief systems are first started by our parents or the way we were raised.  I was very lucky because my mother did not impose her beliefs about religion on us so as we grew up we were allow to choose our own religious beliefs.

I read a very good statement in one of my books; I cannot remember right now which one but this stuck with me. “Your world is made from thought, and your action is inspired from thought.  Your thought comes from your beliefs and your beliefs come from your conditioning and understanding of what is going on here”.  This one phase says a lot but as individuals we will all take its meaning as different to each one of us.  Our belief system is how we filter things in life that we come into contact with.  Speaking for myself it took many years of studying and talking to God to get where I am today in my knowledge and beliefs.

We as individuals have to realize that we are only responsible for ourselves.  I am not talking about helping one another I am talking about religion, belief and learning.  To expand on this think a moment about beliefs cannot get you into heaven and yours cannot send me to hell.  Even couples have to accept their own beliefs on this subject because neither can ride the skirt tales of the other.  Only you can determine which way you move and believe in this life and after.  My mother for example told us many times that she believed in God but she did not believe in heaven or the hereafter.  Imagine a life believing that when you die all is over, I can’t!  I truly felt peace in my heart after my mother crossed over knowing that all her family; her mother, father, my sister, her sister and many others where waiting for her arrival.  I bet they yelled, SURPRISE! since she did not believe in the hereafter it must have been a great and wonderful awakening for her and she so deserved it.

In my family alone we have just about every religion practiced on earth, lol.  My sister’s family is the World Wide Church of God, my husband’s family are Southern Baptist and then my brother in-law is Seventh Day and so on.  Keep your heart open and respect others in their beliefs.  Never argue over religion, it is a very personal thing between God and an individual and you were not invited.

I am talking about individual beliefs today to remind everyone that we are all different in the way we believe, worship, trust, etc.  Please have love for everyone you meet in life and respect them and their beliefs as you want them to respect yours.  Do not judge others because when you cross over you may be the one that is hearing SURPRISE! It may not be the good one either.

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