There are so many people in the world today that do not like change, but change is the energy that excites and moves us out of our comfort zone to new and exciting things.  My change began in 2014 when my marriage of 32 years was failing so I left to stir things up and hopefully bring life back into it.  Unfortunately, that is not what happened and after 33 years I am divorced.  It is a very scary thing to never have lived on your own; straight from your Mother’s home to your husbands.

However, this first step in my life’s changes began which put other changes into motion; most unknowing to me even though I am the creator of my own realty and caused everything I experience.  In June of 2016 my job at the County was dissolved and now I not only had the fact I was very alone but also no-one to discuss what I was going to do or to help me make my mortgage payments.

During this time of being alone I have read more than I ever have, mainly spiritual books because I have been drawn towards studying religion since I was a little girl and one of my first classes in college was World Religions.  That class helped me see that the Western world did not see things as other countries did and I wanted to know why. Weren’t we all taught that there is only one God, and heaven if you are good?  No we are not all taught the same and that is why I love researching and reading.  In all my readings the main thing that has stuck in my mind is that change happens for a reason.

I believe my change happened because I did not stay on my path so changes were made to get me back on my life’s purpose which is helping other find their path and their inner light.  God kept putting people in my path that needed my help to continue to show me where I belonged.

So long, long story short, change is not the end of one thing; it is the beginning of a new adventure and how you respond to that change is how your adventure will be; exciting and joyful or stressful and terrifying.  I chose to let my guides lead me and now I help others that have lost someone or needs to know what their path in life is.  It has been 3 months since I lost my job but through the Grace of God and my belief that I am in control I made it!  Monday I got a great job offer and I am ready and up to the new adventure that is being laid out for me.

The reason why I have chosen to speak of change today is because my second oldest brother is in the hospital and we have been told he will not get any better.  As you get older the changes in your life may appear to be sad or a loss but they are not.  My brother has suffered a lot lately and now he is being called home.  We, left behind will mourn because we cannot give him a big hug or hear him tell us he loves us anymore but he will be having a party with my Mother, sister and other brother.  In the last few days he has called out all their names.  They have all come to welcome him home from his long hard journey and congratulate him on making the journey well.

I am traveling to my home town tomorrow where the three of us left out of our six siblings will show love and mercy and remove the tubes so he can decide for himself when he is ready to go home.

Change in life is a given whether it is marriage, career, loss of loved ones or just getting older.  Make sure you embrace the change with the right frame of mind to help you on your journey through life.  Show love to everyone you meet and be the light that shines through the darkness to help others find their way.

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