Soul Connections

My morning ritual is to have a cup of hot tea while I am solving the daily spider solitaire game.  Once I have completed that I move to my books and read a few chapters to inspire me on what I want to share.  This morning I was inspired to bring you all the fact that we are all connected.  We are as one on this earth, not different races, different continents, but one people under God.

There are many that have gifts that they share everyday with loved ones, be it friends or family and I would like to talk about a few people who I have a close psychic connection.  I will not mention any last names but the experience we share is the learning point I want to get across.

Timi Sue is her name and I met her in Georgia about 8-10 years ago.  She is a very strong person that vibrates energies of love to everyone she meets, especially her family.  Our friendship started out very innocent, I was helping her and her husband sell their home in Georgia because they were moving to Pennsylvania.  Our first connection was shown to us when Timi Sue found out she was pregnant and called to tell me.  At that very moment I knew she was going to have twins and I joking told her this.  She said, “this time you are going to be wrong, because we do not have twins on either side of our families.”  I said OK we will see.  A little while later when she went to have her first sonogram she called me and said “this is all you fault”!  There are two heartbeats, I am having twins.  I informed her that I had nothing to do with it, we laughed and then we moved on.

Timi Sue and her husband already had three wonderful children and two makes five.  Shortly after the twins were born they moved to Pennsylvania but that did not interrupt our connection.  There are days when I feel her energy around me and I know that something is wrong so I call.  The minute I have her on the phone I know what the problem is and help her through it.  My connection with her entire family will last forever, especially due to the fact that I know one of her children have a psychic gift and later in life I will be asked to help with that and I will be honored to do so.

When people incarnate on earth they do so many times with the same people who I will define as their soul family.  When these souls meet on earth they know instantly that they are connected somehow.  That is what is between Timi Sue and I, when I am having difficult times, she calls and when she or one of her family is I call.

This connection is a raised energy level that unites our souls and as we grow in this process we will both think the same things and have acknowledge the same feelings about certain things.  This is but one lesson from heaven to teach us that we are truly all ONE, all part of God, one heart loving and helping each other with our experiences and awakenings on our path.  I am blessed to have found Timi Sue and feel she is a strong support for my daily life and I send her love.

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