Energy Flow

Energy; many people do not fully understand how important energy flow is in our everyday life. gives the meaning of energy as “the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.” Some spiritual publications define it as the soul.
I have been studying religions for over thirty years and I want to tell you what I believe the meaning of energy to be.
We are all made up of energy. Energy is rhythm or vibration. Again, the definition of rythm is “movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.” Therefore energy in the correct form should constantly be moving. Be moving in, around, and through you all the time to remain balanced. There are many types of energy and I want to specifically discuss the energy of enough and energy flow today. This is stated very nicely in “The Jeshua Channelings’ ..It is this radiation or energy field which is the determining factor in everything that happens around you, in all the things you attract into your life.”
Energy flow is the motion that your personal energy flows and how it flows. Energy levels are very important in our everyday life because if our energy is not flowing we are blocked and that causes us to feel sluggish, tired, and out of sync with nature. To flow we must know where and how we want our energy to flow. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying “what you put out is what you get back.” Everyone has their own interpretation of this so this is mine. If you allow loving, healing, positive energy to flow through you to every one you meet you will receive that same loving, healing positive energy back. What you give, you are also receiving for yourself. Wow! That is a statement.
Now for several months I have been actively working on raising my vibrational level. I fully believe that we create our own reality. If you see life as a hardship full of negative events then that is what your life will reflect back to us. If you see life as wonderful, exciting, joyful, safe and full of love, then that is what your life will reflect back to you. I choose the latter. Therefore, if I create my own reality I have to learn to use my energy flow to create the positive life I desire.  Let me take a minute to say that we cannot live on love alone because in this world we have mortgages, car payments, medical bills, and credit cards so money is a big part of this. I need to create a good flow of energy that will bring what I need. My desire is to have a job that is not stressful to go to everyday, make enough money to continue my quality of life in my home and travel once a year to see new places. That’s not much, right? LOL.
Well last night I went to sleep trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because I am accomplishing the energy of enough but not the energy flow of abundance. There is a difference. Energy of enough is defined by each person because it is a personal feeling. When you are happy with your surroundings; home, car, etc. and feel joyful and thankful for these, you are in your happy place of enough. However, there are many who define enough as a big house, new car, diamonds, etc. as enough and if they do not currently have those things they will truly constantly desiring them which signals the energy flow that there is a lack. If you define a lack in your life you are concentrating on this lack which is creating it as you think of it. Now our time is not the same as God’s time because there is no time or clocks in heaven. Your energy ability to flow is what will bring your desires to you and the higher your vibration the quicker you can send out and receive back.
So I finally got my answer to my question last night as to why I am not creating a flow of money into my life and this is what I found. I have been hoarding my funds because I have no job and have a mortgage to pay every month. But by stopping the flow of money going out, I have also stopped the flow of money from coming in (remember energy must be constantly moving to remain balanced). Remember, what you send out is what you get back. Therefore, when I have been receiving the requests in the mail from “Make a Wish Foundation”, or “St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital” I threw them away because I thought I had to take care of myself first. That is not the correct way to manifest the life of love, joy and happiness that I desire in my life. You HAVE to give if you are to receive and please note that you have to be just as willing to receive as you are to give or your flow will be out of balance again.
So, today I am sending a donation to each of the foundations I mentioned so that I can receive back more energy. You may be thinking why send it out if you only get back what you sent, it’s a wash right? Wrong. You always get back ten fold what you give, remember our bible lessons from Sunday School? The more you give the more you will receive but the most important part of this is that faith and your believing that God will provide what you need as long as you do your part. That does not mean give everything you have away so you can be a good person and God will provide. That is not being good, that is being reckless. Only the overage that you have in your bank is defined as charity.
Creating a full circle of energy flow is allowing it to keep moving, don’t stop the money outflow or you will stop the money inflow. Image your energy flow of money is moving through you to help others and then back to you. As long as it is constantly moving you are creating a good flow of money.

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