I want to take a moment to discuss acceptance of others and judging.  Most of us the United States were brought up being told that you should not judge others it is wrong.  But at the same time our churches preach that if a person does not believe exactly as you believe then they are sinners.  Don’t you have to judge that person in order to find them a sinner? YES!  Stop judging others around you and let everyone live in peace.

I’m sure you have all heard someone talk about blacks, whites, skin heads, towel heads, lesbians, prostitutes, etc.  There are prejudices all around us and we hear them and something speak and think them.  Each person on this earth was created by GOD, not you.  What right do you have to critique Gods work.  Are you able to do as he does?  Do you know how to create a soul that comes to earth to be born?  If so then yes I guess your knowledge of how it is supposed to be done can review the work of our creator and let him know that you think you can do it better.

Actually, no one on this earth can critique God’s work.  So take a moment to think of how you react everyday at work to others.  Do you say good morning and welcome them into day?  Please do.  When you send out warm positive energy to others that is what you get back ten fold.  I am a firm believer in this.  I lost my job at the end of July.  I could have started crying and sending out all types of negative energy such as; Why me God?  Why now I just bought a house?  I’m going to lose my new home.  Well that is no me.

At first I was worried but then I remembered that what you send out is what you get back so I started sending out positive energy.  Energy in the belief that I was going to be fine, my home was going to be secure, money would come and I would be fine.  Guess what?  I have been fine.  I have not missed a mortgage payment or gone hungry or any of those things.  I get up every morning and give thanks for all that I have.  I have a beautiful home in a neighborhood I love and a car that is paid for.  What more could I want?  A job!  Yes I am constantly looking because we all know that money is what makes the world really go round.

Believe in yourself and know that whatever you truly want out of life will come to you if you leave your heart open.  Don’t close it off to judgement and ugly thoughts of others.  Open it to all the possibilities that universe has in store for you today.  Shine your inner light towards others that are negative in their thinking and watch how it changes them.

Have a wonderful day!

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